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Orange Bank & Trust Company: James McCann Testimonial


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Orange Bank & Trust Company: Sandra Cassese Testimonial


Orange Bank & Trust Company: Peter Murray Testimonial


Orange Bank & Trust Company: Janine Getler Testimonial


Faith Ferguson Productions/The Stagecoach Inn says of her bankers, They know your business and understand the market and the customer's environment.

Faith Ferguson Productions/The Stagecoach Inn

Faith planned events all over the country for Sony Corporation. With a young, growing family, she wanted more flexibility to be with her children and started a local event planning business, Faith Ferguson Productions, and other ventures. If there’s one thing Faith knows as an event planner understands, it’s the importance of knowing her clients—their pain points, and how to make them feel cared for, and understood. Ironically, her previous bank lacked all of that; she was just another customer. Faith turned to Orange Bank & Trust. As their relationship grew, the Bank helped fund her expansion of the Stagecoach Inn, and she soon became a Private Banking client. She says of her bankers, “Amazing. They know who you are. They know your business and understand the market and the customer’s environment.” She appreciates the Bank’s technology and particularly likes Mobile Banking. “Anyone in their own business needs to do business with Orange Bank & Trust. It’s a no-brainer.”


Joanne Dunn, Youth Shelter Program of Westchester

Youth Shelter Program of Westchester

Joanne believes in paying it forward. From her own experience, she helps others “Turn their pain into their purpose.” When she took the helm in January 2020, it was a time of significant changes in criminal justice reform. Then Covid happened, and their banking needs became critical. The Bank was an ally and a champion for Joanne and helped shepherd the shelter’s PPP funding so they could remain operational. “They are a phenomenal partner” helping her meet the challenges of running a non-profit including managing the day-to-day cash flow analysis and navigating lines of credit. Joanne says she will choose Orange Bank & Trust, over and over, because they are a trusted partner and care about her organization’s mission and the people it serves. She knows she can pick up the phone, and they know her name, organization, and situation. Even better, she appreciates that her bankers sit down after hours for a deep dive into the Shelter’s finances. Joanne says it is a true relationship. “They call me; you become a friend.”


Butler Construction Group, Inc.

Butler Construction Group, Inc.

Eric and John share a passion for building things and making the business grow. Eric knew the trade and brought John in to handle the finances. They needed a line of credit to buy equipment. They didn’t think they could get it at Home Depot. They went to Orange Bank & Trust, and Eric says, “It is why we’re here today, growing at about 30% a year.” John says the Bank has been great since. “From day one, this bank really believed in us.” They both especially appreciate how the Bank helped them weather COVID with advice and a line of credit Eric calls “The backbone of the company.” Remembering when a $500,000 job was a big deal, Butler is now handling $20 million construction projects and will never consider changing banks because of Orange Bank & Trust’s agile responsiveness, concern for the business, and personal service. “How many bankers would give me their personal cell phone number?”


Lucille Barbato, Spiegel and Barbato, LLP

Spiegel and Barbato, LLP

Lucille knew she wanted to practice law since she was 16. With time and dedication, her dream came true, starting as a legal secretary through paralegal training and law school into a partnership with her husband. At first, they banked “across the street,” with a big bank, which grew increasingly impersonal, cold, and frustrating. It got her attention when Orange Bank & Trust came to the Bronx. She says the firm changed banks because of the “Trust” factor with Orange Bank & Trust and because they now receive the personal attention they need to grow and improve. During Covid, Lucille says, “They held our hands, on the phone, online, and our banker even came to our home to pick up checks.”


Donna McCarey, McCarey Landscaping, Inc.

McCarey Landscaping, Inc.

Donna and her husband Tim both had good careers. When Donna convinced him to start a landscaping business, she would help in the office. Twenty-seven years later, she is the majority owner and president of the company, now a New York State-certified Minority and/or Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE). Her clients include JFK and Stewart International Airports and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Along the way, she decided she didn’t like standing in line and the staff turnover at her big bank. She chose Orange Bank & Trust where, she says, “They see you as a person and know your business inside and out, and proactively educate you and your staff.” Donna says Orange Bank & Trust technology like Remote Deposit and Positive Pay make business easier for her, vendors, and clients. Continuing a 20-year relationship, she says she’ll never leave because of the Bank’s support for her and her business.


Jay Neugarten, The New York Center for Orthognathic and Maxillofacial Surgery New York Hospital Cornell-Weill Medical Center

The New York Center for Orthognathic and Maxillofacial Surgery
New York Hospital Cornell-Weill Medical Center

Dr. Neugarten’s parents arrived from Germany and discovered vastly better American healthcare, making it a cornerstone for their children as they grew. With his father as a butcher and having been mentored by a local dentist, he naturally gravitated toward oral surgery and earned both dental and medical degrees. As his practice grew, he found that the local banks he was dealing with were being absorbed into big, regional, and national firms that didn’t meet his needs for a personal relationship and individual attention. He rediscovered both when he moved to Orange Bank & Trust. He can call on weekends and has his banker’s personal mobile phone number. It was what he yearned for and needed in a banking relationship. He says, “It made my trust in banking return.” Dr. Neugarten particularly appreciates the lines of credit that help manage cash flow and the up-to-date digital platforms, so he doesn’t have to go to the bank. He says, “Orange Bank & Trust has it all — innovation, technology, and customer support.”


Mega Beverage Redemption Center

Mega Beverage Redemption Center

Conrad Cutler uses technology as a competitive advantage. When he looked at the beverage container redemption business, he saw inefficiency, lack of technology, and most importantly, opportunity. He was the company’s first employee and sorted cans and bottles in a 2,000 square foot warehouse. Eight years later he has 50 employees and a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse.
Conrad welcomes Orange Bank and Trust’s Cash Management Services as a competitive advantage that allows him to make same day payments from his laptop or mobile phone to anywhere in country. More than that, he appreciates the Bank as a partner he can rely on for impeccable service, tailored solutions, and on-demand availability. He recalls working with his Orange Bank and Trust banker on a time sensitive project at 9:00pm on a weekend. Conrad says the bank understands what it means to be in business, especially when you have to move quickly.


Fitness Showrooms of Long Island

Fitness Showrooms of Long Island

Fabio and Natalie Ravasi always wanted to own and operate their own business. They began theirs by self-funding and hard-work. Today, Fitness Showrooms of Long Island is the largest family-owned exercise equipment retailer in the U.S. Their Poughkeepsie, New York warehouse services multiple east coast locations including a 10,000 square foot flagship showroom in midtown Manhattan. Other superstore locations include Manhasset, and Westchester County, New York; Paramus, New Jersey; Rockville, Maryland; and Fairfax, Virginia serving the Washington, DC area.
As the business grew, “one sale at a time,” they wanted to move on from the impersonal, transactional relationships they had with their previous bank. They appreciated that Orange Bank and Trust invests locally and makes decisions locally. And what they came to really like was the Bank’s attention to detail in a committed working relationship where their banker fully understood their business. Orange Bank helped them to take advantage of a property acquisition that required a fast closing by providing a mortgage to meet the tight deadline. They say the experience was, “No fuss and easy,” and that “You can tell the Bank caters to the local businessperson.”


Mastermind Management

Mastermind Management

Radame Perez’s grandfather migrated to the Bronx, from Puerto Rico with an entrepreneurial spirit, hope, and willingness to work hard. He drove cabs and worked in delicatessens. Radame’s father started working in a deli at twelve years old. He bought it and turned it into a grocery store and eventually a chain of six supermarkets. Now, with Radame at the helm, the business continues to operate supermarkets and a growing number of properties under management making Mastermind the most active developer in the Bronx. They recently completed construction on a 256-unit, affordable housing, mixed use building to USGBC LEED Silver. Along the way Radame has dealt with several banks and discovered his “sweet spot” with Orange Bank and Trust. He believes, “Business is personal. You need an advocate and champion, to go to lunch with to figure out how to solve a problem.” Mastermind recently needed to close quickly on a substantial line of credit for a complicated transaction to not miss an opportunity for the Bronx community. In response, his Orange Bank and Trust banker simply stated, “we will get it done for you.”


Warwick Properties, MJJ Builders

Warwick Properties, MJJ Builders

Jonah Mandelbaum came to the U.S. as an exchange student and stayed to become a citizen and diamond trader. With the love of building that started in his family’s cabinet making business, he started Warwick Properties and MJJ Builders. Jonah builds large scale multifamily properties throughout the Hudson Valley region. He says he is successful because he likes what he does and that makes it easy to grow. He recognizes the same qualities in Orange Bank and Trust, which he did not experience with his previous bank. It comes down to relationships and service and he finds both with Orange Bank. Because every business has specific needs, he especially values that his Banker takes the time to learn the needs of his business and adapts to meet them. Jonah says Orange Bank and Trust is “The best bank I’ve ever dealt with.”


Pastor, Mt Hope AME Zion Church

Pastor, Mt Hope AME Zion Church

Reverend Smith is a Doctor of Education (EdD), holds an MBA and has 20 years of corporate experience. He has served as President and CEO of the African Development Foundation under Presidents Bush and Clinton. Being called “late to the Lord,” he moved on to an active ministry, noting that the church has both spiritual and business components as the nature of ministry is expanding to include things like providing housing through community development corporations. “As a minister, you look for conversion experiences,” says Pastor Smith, and when he met his Orange Bank and Trust banker, he saw and sensed Orange Bank’s commitment to personalized service. He says the Bank has, “…been there with us,” always available, and during the pandemic used IT strategies to help the church manage and grow. “We’ve been with Orange Bank and Trust for only seven years, and it feels like 25—they make us feel like the biggest ship in the port. You can’t get that with big banks.”

Avery Turton is the grandson of Pastor Gregg Smith of the Mount Hope AME Zion Church in White Plains, and a student at Union College in Schenectady, NY. When Joe Ruhl, the Bank’s Executive VP and Westchester Regional President offered him a summer internship as a Floating Teller between his freshman and sophomore years, Avery jumped at the opportunity. It was his first-ever summer internship, so he didn’t know what to expect. Looking back now, he describes it as “an unforgettable and remarkable experience,” citing the in-depth training, mutual respect and tight-knit atmosphere in the office every day. “The onboarding process was insightful and informative, and it didn’t stop there. Throughout my internship, I was guided by the branch managers and other coworkers.”
Avery is looking forward to interning again next summer, hopefully with a close friend he recommended to the Bank. Beyond what he’s learning about the banking industry, Avery is looking forward to again working in an environment where everyone enjoys their job. “The company’s culture is very welcoming.”


Howard Hanna / Rand Realty

Howard Hanna / Rand Realty

Matt Rand joined his mother’s family business, along with his brothers, and together they grew it into one of the 100 largest real estate firms in the country with over 1,200 employees in the the tri-state area. As they grew, they focused on service and good relationships. To do that they needed a great banking relationship. Orange Bank and Trust was woven into the fabric of the community and shares the same geographical footprint.
The Bank also shares the same entrepreneurial mentality and philosophy. Matt says, “At Orange Bank and Trust we work with real partners— individual relationships that give us support— we chose them for their people. We can count on them. They answer, they text, we know who we’re dealing with. They’re local, trustworthy, smart, and understand our business and markets.”


Simone Development Companies

Simone Development Companies

Joe Simone started his career in the automotive industry. As he began to make money, he invested it into real estate development and overcame the difficulties of a growing business. Today, Simone Development is a full service developer, owning and managing a portfolio of more than 100 properties totaling over 7 million square feet.
Due to the company’s size, Simone Development maintains global, regional, and local banking relationships. For a recent transaction they were attracted to Orange Bank and Trust because of the Bank’s ability to tailor a loan product line. Joe describes the experience as, “refreshing.” He appreciates the, “…very timely deliverables,” in a business that moves fast, and that the Bank has, “…a very good understanding of what it takes to get a deal done in 2022.” He says, his Bankers make him feel like he is their only client and characterizes his experience as, “Good, old fashioned, relationship banking.”


C'est LaVie Spa and Salon

 C’est LaVie Spa and Salon

Paula Fidanza uses Orange Bank and Trust’s RDC technology and Online Banking services to streamline her day. She has accurate information and records right in her office. And it just keeps getting better. Paula likes the user-friendliness, the technology upgrades to the Bank’s systems, and not worrying about anything.
It’s not just the technology she likes. This businesswoman from a family of self-employed Italian immigrants grew up here in Orange County. She went to school here and followed in her family’s footsteps, earning a degree in Cosmetology and starting a business of her own. As the company grew, so did her discomfort with her previous Bank. “I felt like a number.” When I was looking for a new bank, I was looking for local support. I wanted to know who I was banking with.” Orange Bank and Trust helps her in every way, including a call when there’s a new banking product that will benefit her business. She says that other banks don’t do that; they don’t say, “I’m going to call Paula. It’s just awesome— on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 12.”


Aqua Turf

 Aqua Turf

Tony Dilluvio, President of Aqua Turf, says that sums up his relationship with Orange Bank & Trust. When he and his partner purchased their irrigation and landscape lighting business in 2003, they didn’t have a lender and couldn’t find one— until they talked with Orange Bank and Trust. Tony says he immediately felt like “family.” The entire bank team worked together for Aqua Turf doing everything from setting up electronic banking services to connecting the company with legal and insurance professionals. “The kind, helpful, competent and informed service, based on knowing my business gives me confidence and a really good feeling.”

Beyond the personal service and human touch, Tony takes full advantage of the Bank’s technology offerings utilizing Remote Deposit Capture and other online products to make his financials easier to deal with and more accurate. He uses his dashboard to do most of it on his phone or iPad. Installation, integration, and use have all been seamless. Tony recommends Orange Bank and Trust to his friends because, “They’re interested in my business, and they’ve become friends of mine.”


JK Development Corporation

JK Development Corporation

Jonathan Shafran followed his family into the construction business. As JK Development Corp. expanded, he needed a bank to help him grow with a one-on-one relationship— one where he could sit down and talk about his plans. Twenty-five years later, he remains a loyal customer and still finds responsiveness and a sense of urgency about his business with his Orange Bank and Trust bankers.
In the past year, he says the Bank was especially helpful in structuring his PPP loans. Jonathan is a big fan of Orange Bank and Trust technology, especially the ease of moving funds between accounts through Online Banking. He’s such a fan of business banking; he’s also a Private Banking client. He says, “They’re there to help you, not slow you down. They work with me, tailor loans and products to my needs, and are a pleasure to work with.”




Jason Giordano says JGS CPAs, a full-service accounting, tax and advisory firm with offices in Middletown and Poughkeepsie, has had many mutual clients through the decades and the constant has always been personal service with a small bank feel.
He especially appreciates the Bank’s Trust Department for the level of service clients receive in planning important life and business decisions and the Bank’s Investment Management division’s strength to serve their needs and clients’ needs. He also likes the Bank’s innovative technology that allows his firm to work directly with mutual client’s online accounts to provide convenient and timely service. Jason says it is all about the relationships, for JGS and their clients, whether they are using business products or Private Banking. “From day one and for over 90 years what has remained the same, day in and day out, is that the level of service has been second to none.”


MedExcel USA, Inc.

MedExcel USA, Inc.

Dr. Anthony Ruvo has a passion for helping others and built his career in emergency medicine. When he decided to focus on emergency care management to build out urgent care centers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, he found Orange Bank and Trust has the same passion for helping businesses.
In starting MedExcel, he banked with large national banks, which he says “became very problematic.” Loan approvals took a long time, and the sheer volume of the accompanying paperwork and reporting involved in securing those loans required Dr. Ruvo to hire additional staff to keep up. He needed far faster approval times because sometimes staffing an emergency department could start-up in just two weeks.
He moved to Orange Bank and Trust, and their team, including the CEO, sat down with him, talked for hours, and developed a plan to give MedExcel the ability to finance initial start-ups and do it quickly.
As the business grew, so did the relationship.
Dr. Ruvo says he’s never experienced such personal attention. “We grew together–I’m extremely grateful for the partnership–we’ve never looked back.”


Law Office of John A. Giacobbe, LLC

Law Office of John A. Giacobbe, LLC

John Giacobbe learned the foundations of business management from his grandmother realizing customers came because she made them feel special, appreciated, and treated like family. Growing a law practice, running the family business—The Imperial Yacht Club, located in New Rochelle—and building others, he followed her example. And when it came time to look for a bank he wanted one that shared those same values.
He left a successful banking career when he saw customers being treated like numbers. He looks to Orange Bank and Trust for personal service and innovative ideas. John says Remote Deposit Capture turns his office into a branch of the Bank and that he can reach his Orange banker anytime–big banks give you a call center-Orange Bank and Trust gives you a cell number. He adds the Bank was vital during COVID to keep the lights on and the doors open, guiding him though the PPP process. “At the height of the pandemic I’d ask colleagues if their banker called them during the pandemic. If they didn’t, I’d tell them to switch to Orange Bank and Trust.”


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Jeff Waaland of Golden Link Incorporated

Jeff Waaland of Golden Link Incorporated, speaks with Mike Bennett of WHUD about his experience with Orange Bank & Trust Company.

Part 1:


Part 2:



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Lion's Gate Property Management


“…Orange bank is now an essential part of our business…”

“I wanted to thank Orange Bank and your great staff for facilitating our PPP loan. The loan was critical and allowed us to retain all 7 of our employees without any furloughs. Kim Griffith in White Plains went beyond the call to help throughout the process. She has been supportive, responsive, and always provides clear, timely information. Greg Sousa was also helpful in shepherding my docs thru the process. Orange Bank is now an essential part of our business and I will recommend the bank to colleagues.

Thanks, again.”


“…What a breath of fresh air!”

“My name is Michael Zack, and I’m president of The Rockford Group, a Rockland based advertising agency. I’ve kept my business banking at chase for over 25 years. And so naturally, when applying for the PPP loan, I did so through them. The process was – apply on-line and wait and wait and wait. There was absolutely no one to speak with more than a casual knowledge of the process and no way to talk with anyone directly related to processing the PPP loan application. My local branch, in this case, was worthless. In desperation, I went searching for another opportunity. That’s when David Kirschtel of JCC Rockland mentioned that with the help of members of the team at your New City branch, JCC Rockland was able to attain a loan.

After leaving a message, the team at OBT was kind enough to call me back. What a breath of fresh air! Comparing the demeanor and willingness to jump into getting my PPP issues resolved was incredible when compared to my experience at Chase. They got the ball rolling and couldn’t have been more gracious and welcoming.  OBT was caring, professional, and efficient. Even more remarkable was the follow-through! He called after hours- probably around 6:00 on a Friday night to see how things went and ask for a document that was needed (which he mentioned when we first spoke); I told him I supplied it to Jeremiah, which he then verified. In fact, he then verified that my application was accepted, and I believe approved.

I thought you should know just how impressive my experience with your people was and give some well-deserved kudos. Congratulations to you for assembling, maintaining and directing this incredible stable of all-stars and in particular, Greg Sousa!”


“…Your attention to detail and customer service…”

“My partner and I would like to thank you for all your assistance on securing the PPP loan for us.  You now have our loyalty in our banking needs personally and in our business.  Your attention to detail & customer service cannot be matched by any other banker we have ever had in the past.”


“…the most pleasant and seamless interaction…”

I can honestly say in my 11 years as a business owner that it has been the most pleasant and seamless interaction I have ever had. Kathy is wonderful and everyone else I have had limited contact with have been really great. Looks like everything is going to go through. I appreciate that kind of service just like I try to give the same. I not only plan on doing plenty of business with you guys but I have already sung your praises to my staff and will so the same with patients.


“…We look forward to a very long relationship with you…”

I can tell you that the Goshen Public Library and I are very grateful to have you guys as our business partners. We look forward to a very long relationship with you.


“…Orange Bank & Trust’s investment in the community and in the Center for Safety & Change is an integral part as to why we were successful in obtaining the SBA PPP loan….”

“Center for Safety & Change has been Rockland County’s sole victim assistance provider for 40 years.  Our staff of 62 are considered essential workers and have been working around the clock during COVID-19.  Our services include and are not limited to a 24-hour hotline for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and all other crimes, emergency shelter, supportive counseling and advocacy services, creative art therapy, accompaniments, legal representation and advocacy, sexual assault forensic exams, community outreach, awareness and education while creating social change.

Orange Bank & Trust has been instrumental in ensuring that the operations of Center for Safety & Change continue to thrive without any interruptions. The staff at Orange Bank & Trust are genuinely invested in the community and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Orange Bank & Trust’s investment in the community and in the Center for Safety & Change is an integral part as to why we were successful in obtaining the SBA PPP loan.  This is what community banking is about, relationship building.  The Center for Safety & Change isn’t here to benefit ourselves, we are here to serve the community and the victims that live within the community. An organization is only successful when the community sees it as an essential part of the community, we are fortunate that the community Orange Bank & Trust sees us as such.  Orange Bank & Trust truly believes that in order for the community to thrive and the Center for Safety & Change to successfully do what it’s here to do we all need to be in this together.  Thank you Orange Bank & Trust for being our community bank!”


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