Secure, reliable currency and coin processing customized to fit your business needs.

We know the cash payments your business receives must be handled in a safe, accurate, and timely manner. Thanks to our partnership with Brinks, we can provide your business with two unique features to manage your cash.


  • We will arrange a weekly courier pick up for your cash deposits and delivery coin or currency as needed.
  • Order limits are established for each location to help protect you against fraud.
  • You select a regularly scheduled day(s) convenient to you; or, you can add pickup days with a one (1) business day notice for those unique circumstances.
  • Funds are deposited into your bank account the business day after the cash deposit is picked-up.
  • Our armored car service provider processed all deposits in a securely monitored environment.

Smart Safe

Automate your cash handling process from the moment your customer pays until the cash is in the bank. Reduce theft and gain back valuable time for you and your staff to focus on the core business.

  • We can install a Smart Safe at your business for secure cash deposit processing. It’s a tool that allows you to deposit bills directly into a secure safe and receive next-day credit for the deposit.
  • Funds are deposited into your Orange Bank & Trust Company account automatically the business day following cash deposits.
  • You select a specific day(s) most convenient for you for our armored car carrier to come empty the smart safe.
  • Email notifications allow you to check the status of your coin or currency deliveries.
  • Establish order limits for each location to help protect against fraud.

*Subject to additional terms and conditions and/or credit approval as applicable and/or fees.

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